Read the Brussels2030 Summer Assembly Post Report 2023

The Brussels2030 Summer Assembly is a key pillar in preparation for the Brussels’ candidacy as European Capital of Culture. The second edition took place from the 28th of June to 2nd July 2023 and was based at the Halles de Schaerbeek, Maison Des Arts and GC De Kriekelaar. The week offered a dynamic programme with international keynotes, panel debates, co-creation labs, talks, site visits, walkshops, installations, performances, and artistic contributions. The aim was to test the initial ambitions, findings and realisations of Brussels2030 against a diversity of experiences and expectations. The aim was also to share and discuss knowledge about the Brussels of today, the cultural practices of tomorrow and the heritage of previous European Capitals of Culture (ECOC).

This report summarizes key findings and questions that emerged during the event. They will be further investigated in the coming months.

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The week-long event was prepared building on the following guidelines and objectives:


  • Preparing the bid for Brussels2030 in a participatory manner: sharing some preliminary ideas, findings and realisations – discuss some key-questions and thematics that need to be further explored.
  • Nurture and harvest urban imagination.
  • Initiate and reinforce a series of co-creation projects and scenarios.
  • Develop a series of tangible outcomes that are reflective of the discussions that took place during the Summer Assembly.


  • Brussels youth (6-25 years old)
  • Brussels inhabitants (diverse cultural & socio-spatial backgrounds)
  • Practitioners & experience experts (associative & socio-cultural field)
  • Policy makers, topical experts, institutional representatives…
  • Silent/silenced voices – minority groups


  • Diverse activities, publics, locations
  • Multilingual – inspiring – connecting – activating
  • Not a one-off but a starting-point
  • Cross-pollination of scientific, artistic and cultural expertise

The Brussels2030 Summer Assembly was organized by Brussels2030, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels University Alliance, Réseau des Arts Bruxelles-Brussels Kunsten Overleg,, Brussels Studies Institute, Brussels Academy and This report provides a synthesis of the activities and discussions that took place during this one-week event. A number of questions and suggestions are formulated that should be considered in the preparation of the Brussels candidature and the continuation of the preparatory process.


The Summer Assembly was structured around three building blocks: inspiration & debate, labs & walks, installations & performances. A different topic was explored each day :

  1. Cultivating an authentic and vibrant cultural capital
  2. Building bridges for a sustainable and inclusive Brussels
  3. Designing a European capital for 500 million citizens
  4. Brussels as a cultural laboratory for the right to the city

Over 1000 people took part in the one-week event. Together, they represent a rich snapshot of the Brussels’ population and a diverse range of socio-cultural organizations, associations, coalitions and institutions.