weKONEKT.brussels is a collaborative partnership between the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the Erasmus University College (EhB), as well as numerous other organisations in Brussels and beyond.

weKONEKT.brussels focuses on co-creation, on the connection between art and science, and on the University’s relationship with Brussels, Europe and the world. Its perspective is strongly pedagogical and infrastructural. weKONEKT.brussels is a pioneer in its field and is underpinned by the humanist values of the VUB and seeks to contribute meaningfully to its three core pillars: Education, Research, and Engagement.

Universities offer students the opportunity to grow into engaged and independent people and become thoughtful global citizens and leaders of the future. With Brussels as their lecture hall and library, our two universities can unite students with key stakeholders in their fields, strengthen communities by organising projects with, in and for Brussels, and channel the expertise and knowledge of our students, teachers and researchers in service of our city.

Higher Education institutions can be of great value to cities, being an important source of employment, guaranteeing a flow of talent and bringing scientific expertise that is crucial to innovation and the transformation of both region and society. The various partners, organisations and institutions that make up Brussels have much to offer each other. Brussels is the perfect laboratory for scientists and artists, an ideal learning environment for students and staff and a uniquely interesting development hub for business.

weKONEKT.brussels is made possible with the support of Innoviris, het Humanistisch Verbond and all our partners.

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Lynn Tytgat
Academic diplomacy, art&science, partnerships

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Lynn is the weKONEKT.brussels Coordinator and is responsible for the VUB’s local and international partnerships. Lynn works closely with and in the Brussels art scene to strengthen ties between science, education and art. Among other things, she is the driving force behind Mindblowers. Lynn studied Literature and Theatre Sciences and International and European Law at the VUB, and Management at the Solvay Brussels School - ULB. She has worked in New York, Paris, Bruges and Brussels for, among others, UNESCO, the United Nations University (UNU), the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the UN and the Erasmus University College Brussel (EhB). Lynn also serves on several Boards of Directors, including Ancienne Belgique, Cinematek, MAD Brussels, Brusseleir, ...

Linde Moriau
CERL, curriculum development, Pedagogical innovation

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Linde has a passion for education, Brussels and social engagement, three things that are central to UNIVER.CITY, one of the pillars of weKONEKT.brussels. UNIVER.CITY explores opportunities for society-related education and research. In Linde’s work, urban networks, contexts and dynamics serve as starting points for processes of shared knowledge development. Academic and non-academic partners learn with, from and for each other, and together we shape the city of tomorrow. Urban networks, contexts and dynamics serve as the starting point for processes of shared knowledge development. Academic and extra-academic actors learn with, from and for each other and together we build the city of tomorrow.

Ian Komac
Communication, partnerships, EU networks

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Ian is the Project Assistant at weKONEKT.brussels, and supports our connection with Brussels on a strategic and operational level. With a background in communications, Ian aims to translate all weKONEKT.brussels initiatives into engaging stories that activate and inspire our academic communities. Ian connects and supports our various internal and external partners and helps set up initiatives that enrich the cultural and academic offer in Brussels.

Anouschka van Keulen
Brussels City Campus, student initiatives

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Anouschka studies political sciences at the VUB. She oversees the coordination and organisation of the Brussels City Campus. Within weKONEKT.brussels, she helps build bridges between students and the city. She likes to link interesting, student-driven initiatives with committed Brussels partners.
Portrait of Hélène Fréché

Hélène Fréché

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Hélène is the Operational Manager at the Brussels University Alliance (BUA). BUA promotes collaboration between VUB and ULB in the areas of education, research, society, and internationalisation. Hélène is the main point of contact for weKONEKT.brussels at the ULB.
Portrait of Marthe Cuvelier

Marthe Cuvelier

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Marthe is the Administration and Communications Assistant at the Brussels University Alliance (BUA). She assists Hélène in managing and promoting the weKONEKT project at the ULB.

Lien Mostmans
CERL, Science communication, EU projects

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Lien is passionate about interdisciplinary and socially engaged research and research policy. She studied Germanic Languages and Cultural Sciences, and has a PhD in Communication Sciences from VUB. Lien also worked for years as a researcher in social sciences. At VUB, she supports quality, future-proof and society-involved research, in close collaboration with a wide range of Brussels-based partners. She has coordinated European projects for years, including Erasmus+, Horizon 2020/Europe and the EU Green Deal. In her free time, she takes part in all kinds of projects with all kinds of people who want to make Brussels an even better place.

Brecht Van der Schueren
Educational development, Wetenschapswinkel

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Brecht has a degree in History and Urban Studies and works to align the VUB’s education and research with everything that’s happening in the city of Brussels. Social challenges such as climate change and social inequality can only be solved through building broad partnerships. Brecht helps the VUB put its commitment to being an urban-engaged university into practice. He also coordinates the VUB side of the Wetenschapswinkel, connecting NGOs’ research questions with student researchers.

Art & Science

weKONEKT.brussels initiates and facilitates collaborations with the internationally acclaimed art scene in Brussels. Art and science both stem from critical thinking; both disciplines want to understand the world as it is, but also shape it. Artists and scientists go through similar processes but from radically different frames of reference. weKONEKT.brussels aims to help strengthen the links between art and science, between artists and scientists and between academic and cultural institutions. It develops projects in collaboration with partners, formulates research questions and shapes innovative forms of knowledge development and exchange. Through weKONEKT.brussels, and in collaboration with cultural and artistic partners, new methodologies of co-creation and co-authorship can be born, in which transdisciplinary and humanistic thinking and action are key.

weKONEKT.brussels works regularly with its partners ULB and EhB on its many art and science initiatives, meaning the project contributes in a meaningful way to the deepening of strategic cooperation between the institutions. Multilingualism is cultivated and seen as an asset. Within this movement, the students and lecturers/researchers involved play a pioneering role. In the connection of art and science, they invariably collaborate with the various VUB departments (Pilar, Crosstalks, CAVA etc.), all of which contributes to stronger cooperation within the institution.

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University & Society

weKONEKT.brussels initiates and facilitates collaboration between researchers, students, entrepreneurs, artists, city planners, neighbours, architects, activists, business leaders, administrators and governments. It facilitates collaborations across disciplines and brings academic and non-academic partners together to learn from each other. Through dialogue, and by exchanging different forms of knowledge, new insights and opportunities arise. The many weKONEKT.brussels initiatives contribute greatly to challenging, broadening, renewing, and even changing existing worldviews and frameworks.

weKONEKT.brussels encourages the development of knowledge and expertise that can help address society’s challenges. Knowledge that stems from higher education institutions can actively contribute to a sustainable and harmonius world. weKONEKT.brussels encourages and supports students in becoming critical citizens and highly engaged professionals. The weKONEKT.brussels network offers unique opportunities to all involved, connecting emerging talent with a wide range of stakeholders and contributing to the innovation, transformation and future of our city.

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Europe & The World

weKONEKT.brussels also contributes to Brussels’ international and European character. It strengthens VUB’s position as an important European player in academic diplomacy and, as the capital of Europe (being home to so many international institutions, representatives, embassies, academic organisations and networks), the potential for internationalisation is greater than ever. Internationalisation begins in Brussels and is at the heart of weKONEKT.brussels, and we are committed to strengthening and developing this asset.

weKONEKT.brussels plays a crucial role in student recruitment and the development of regional and international partnerships. We also help position the VUB as a significant player when it comes to Europe’s greatest challenges: digitalisation, inequality, sustainability and multilingualism. As a 21st-century university, we are inextricably linked to our global, international partners, and we must strive to take our work beyond borders.

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The co-development of weKONEKT.brussels with our various partners has allowed us to develop a series of tools that we make available within the weKONEKT.brussels toolkit. These range from guidelines and handbooks to publications, video clips and infrastructure resources. With the toolkit, weKONEKT.brussels aims to support and open doors to students and staff in higher education to actively engage with Brussels, Europe and the world.

As underlined by the Brussels City Campus, weKONEKT.brussels fundamentally sees Brussels as a meeting place, lecture hall and research environment, embracing an array of cosmopolitan opportunities and challenges. These are not only personally enriching, but also nurture and strengthen our three core pillars: Education, Research, and Engagement. The Brussels City Campus aims to support ways in which students and academic staff can explore the city and benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge that our weKONEKT.brussels partners have to offer.

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