Connectedness in Legal History

The EUTopia Connected Learning Community Legal History works on the theme Connectedness in the academic year 2023-2024.

Students from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Prof. Frederik Dhondt), CY Paris University (Prof. Caroula Argyriadis-Kervégan), the University of Ljubljana (Prof. Katja Skrubej), the University of Warwick (dr. Rosie Doyle) and Nova University of Lisbon (Prof. Cristina Nogueira da Silva) will work together, both virtually and in-person around the theme Connectedness in legal history. They will focus on multilevel governance, legal transfers, circulation of ideas and advocacy in various legal spaces, highlighting the relativity of the Nation-State as a point of departure for legal history and the richness of the various legal traditions connected to our institutions and jurisdictions.

Conformably to the European University EUTopia’s strategic orientation, they highlight student-driven connected learning communities, with the involvement of external experts, wherein multilingualism is an important aspect: the primary legal sources from the past (legislation, doctrine, case law, potentially also other archival sources) presented by the students are embedded in their own legal tradition and culture, involving national and regional languages.


Follow the blog for this year’s student contributions and discover the archive of previous themes.

Thierry Geenen

Peak event

14 – 15 March 2024

Belgian Royal Library (KBR)

Brussels City Campus


Previous themes

2021-2022: “Minority Rights” (prof. Alfons Aragoneses at UPF Barcelona), with a peak event hosted by CY Paris.

2022-2023: “Labour Migration” (Mrs. Ilse Coopman and dr. Elisabeth Bruyère, TA/VUB), with a peak event hosted by University of Ljubljana.