Brussels City Campus aims to bring VUB and ULB students closer to the city of Brussels. With the Brussels City Campus, we aim to do this in the context of (class)activities, in partnership with a variety of institutions in the city. The different actors, organizations and institutions in Brussels have a lot to offer each other. It is an ideal learning place for students and staff and a particularly interesting test bed for companies. With different hubs in Brussels, we offer an extension of the VUB campus, where Brussels becomes a classroom and workplace.

With the growth of our student population and our universities, the need for infrastructure has also increased. The Brussels City Campus aims to facilitate a way in which students and academic staff can go off campus, and use the available infrastructure in Brussels.

To ensure quality of the partnership, we also strive for a pedagogical framework and link. Not only starting from the needs of the VUB and ULB community, the needs of the partners in Brussels are important in this exercise. Therefore, we aim to consciously link a (class)activity to a location/partner, in dialogue with both parties.

Courses ‘Belgian federalism’, ‘Challenges to democracy’, ‘Journalism’ and ‘Political parties’ took place in the Lokettenzaal of the Flemish Parliament. Cinematek has hosted Kevin Smets with his ‘Film and TV studies’ class, CIVA the ‘Thermodynamics’ class, KVS ‘Theatre and Performance studies’…    

"I thought it was an enlightening week. I think to support the learning process it is important to sometimes organize more related activities with the program outside the VUB. Such as a trip or a weekend trip or collaborating with other universities."

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For several years, we occupied a permanent base at BOZAR. Each week, various activities took place, sometimes in partnership with BOZAR. Since the beginning of 2022, we are welcome in the Krantenzaal of the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR), where our new permanent base is located. As a national scientific library, KBR provides the public with access to information, facilitates research and offers a broad cultural experience, making it an ideal location for our permanent Brussels City Campus. With the Brussels City Campus, the partnership between VUB, ULB and KBR has been maintained, extended and deepened.

  • VUB Professor Ann Dooms has been working closely together with KBR works closely together with the Royal Library. She developed algorithms so that readers in the library can consult and examine digital documents. The algorithms look through tears, creases, faded ink and poorly scanned photos in these documents.
  • VUB and ULB students journalism used the room for a semester as workspace for their online media platform ‘Latitudes’. They worked together with exiled journalists to produce content on the themes of human rights, migration and freedom of expression.

The Brussels City Campus and the network continue to evolve. We strive for a continuous expansion of partners and hope to maintain, extend and deepen lasting relationships. Institutions and organisations that are part of our Brussels City Campus are: BOZAR, KBR, Flemish Parliament, CIVA, Muntpunt, the Beursschouwburg, HuisvandeMens, Belfius, BELvue, Cinematek, Belgian National Orchestra, the Senate, the STIB, VBO, Syntra, Via Via, Kaaitheater, KVS, Flagey, Solvay, P&V Insurance, VOKA and Actiris/Beroepenpunt, Brussels Parliament, DeMensNu,  …

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