Brussels will be presenting a bid to become European Capital of Culture 2030. VUB and ULB are taking part in the development of the bid through a series of Summer Assemblies, inviting local partners to come together and generate proposals for the bid. Brussels2030 aims to transform Brussels into a capital for all Europeans. It aspires to create a laboratory, not only for greater intercultural and multilingual coexistence but for the ecological, democratic, social and de-colonising revolutions of the future. This kind of transformation is only possible with the help of artists, scientists and other thinkers, and culture remains the driving force behind the project.

Thanks to the high levels of artistic experimentation in Brussels, as well as the cultural diversity and multilingualism across all generations, we believe the city will be well-placed to meet the great urban and global challenges of tomorrow. weKONEKT aims to help formulate an answer to the question: How can we all dream, imagine and tell the story of Brussels in 2030, in all its fragmented super-diversity?