29 Mar 2023
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

AI, data and robotics for Brussels: Demos and Datawalk

Join FARI and weKONEKT.brussels on Wednesday, 29 March 2023 for an exclusive peak into the AI Test and Experience Center. Students of VUB and ULB are invited to discover the world of AI and the innovative research right here, at BeCentral in Brussels.

The FARI AI Test & Experience Center is a public-oriented center that will allow citizens and organisations to test, experiment, and to ultimately understand what AI is and what it should be. VUB and ULB students will have exclusive access to the new space and will be able to connect with various demo’s and interact with local experts on AI.

Participation is free for VUB and ULB students. Register via the online registration form.


  • 14:00: Meet-up
  • 14:15: Datawalk
  • 16:00: Demos and drinks


Join Emilie Maccarini (FARI Test & Experience Center Coordinator) for a city walking tour throughout Brussels. Explore the various data capture methods surrounding us. We explore their known usages, impact as well as ethical implications to our daily lives.


Immerse yourself into the various applications and experiments using AI. Find our how these demos aid in reinforcement learning, children’s education, animal welfare and much more. Try them out yourself.

Photo by FARI Brussels

More about FARI: AI Institute for the Common Good

FARI is an initiative that aims to develop, study and foster the adoption and governance of AI, data and robotic technologies in a trustable, transparent, open, inclusive, ethical and responsible way. Inspired by humanistic and European values, FARI aims at helping to leverage AI-related technologies for societal benefits, such as strengthening and preserving fundamental human rights and achieving United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more about the FARI via their website.