8 May 2024
8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

VOX: Young Voices Shaping the Future

The federal Belgian elections are fast approaching. In light of these elections, VOX: Young Voices Shaping the Future aims to offer a unique synergy. This event, crafted by youth for everyone, provides a dynamic platform for Belgian youth to express their opinions and aspirations.

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VUB, huisvandeMens, Amnesty International, VGC jeugdraad, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, ULB, Wekonnekt Brussels, Bruxelles Laïc, Saintklet and KVS have joined forces to organize this free event. Together, we aim to advocate for civic engagement, with a focus on the elections in June 2024. On May 8, 2024, we offer a platform for engaged youth to make their voices heard.

Within the complex structure of the Belgian electoral system, it is particularly challenging for young people to orient themselves, leading many to feel uncertain about their political choices. Vox seeks to provide assistance by inviting everyone to come together, to better understand, engage in dialogue, and share.

The evening will commence with prof. Dave Sinardet (VUB), who will guide us clearly through the principles of the Belgian electoral system. Then, Maïté Meeûs, feminist activist and driving force behind the Balance ton bar page, will ignite a lively dialogue, with five young visionaries taking turns conversing with her and sharing their expertise on various issues:

  • Estelle Depris, founder of the Instagram account Sans Blanc de Rien, and author of Mécanique du Privilège Blanc, will delve into anti-racism and discrimination.
  • Hassan Al Hilou, founder of Capital vzw, will discuss opportunities for youth and political engagement.
  • Adélaïde Charlier, climate activist and co-founder of Youth for Climate, will shed light on climate justice and our collective responsibility for the planet.
  • Victoriæ Defraigne, activist, student, and author of Les Transidentités Expliquées à Mes Parents, will share insights on LGBTQIA+ rights.
  • Christina De Witte (Chrostin), cartoonist and feminist activist, will focus on progress and challenges within the domain of women’s rights.

VOX promises to be an interactive experience, aiming to unite voices and perspectives into an enriching mosaic. The event is an open invitation to all who wish to immerse themselves in constructive debate, to ask questions, and above all, to shape the future of Belgium together by listening to the voices of the youth.

Join us for an evening where diverse ideas converge. More than just an event, we aim to be a movement towards inclusivity, understanding, and change. Let us come together to shape a future that reflects our collective vision and values.