27 Mar 2023 - 31 Mar 2023
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tram 7

Next stop: Bruxsels Futures, connection tram line 7

From 25 to 31 March, 2023 you can hop on board Tram 7 (Heysel / Heizel ⇋ Vanderkindere) and listen to the tram narrating stories of passengers just like you, but from the year 2030. Created for and by Brussels citizens, Tram 20.3.0 Talks is an audio fiction installation and is the result of one year process of participatory futuring facilitated by BrusselAVenir.

How will we share the city amongst each other in Brussels in 2030?

Created for and by Brussels citizens, the stories of Tram 20.3.0 Talks are the result of one year process of participatory futuring and co-creation of various visions of the future for Brussels. By answering the question “How will we share the city amongst each other in Brussels in 2030?”, about 500 people imagined near futures during the workshops organised by BrusselAVenir, along with the discussions in the community, research, interviews with experts and discussions with citizens.

Public transport is a symbolic place of encounters between individuals from different backgrounds. That makes it a perfect stage to showcase the stories around futures of sharing the city. Omniscient narrator, the tram 7 crosses different districts in Brussels, this gives an opportunity to exchange ideas and vibes between the different communities and neighbourhoods in order to trigger interactions that usually don’t happen. The objective is to show what sharing the city could look like in 2030 and how it can trigger solidarity, a sense of belonging, linguistic and cultural pluralism… and how, together, we can create new stories.

Diving into the possible futures of Brussels

During the installation in tram 7, the passengers can pull the headphones and press the button in the language they want to listen the stories in. The listeners will get to hear the stories about passengers like them but from the year 2030. Each story tells us about encounters between strangers, new acquaintances, the support and solidarity they feel, the new material reality of the tram, the route, the different stops and the local stories of the neighbourhoods, a host or hostess who welcomes passengers.

By allowing people to experience this futures scenario, we spark imagination and conversation about the future of Brussels and translate future uncertainty into current choices. In the form of funny and almost surreal stories at times, alternative futures become tangible and speak to everyone.


  • Churchill 6:06 → Heysel 6:53
  • Heysel 7:08 → Churchill 8:01
  • Churchill 8:17 → Heysel 10:20
  • Heysel 9:29 → Churchill 10:20
  • Vanderkindere 10:29 /Churchill 10:34 → Heysel 11:27
  • Heysel 11:42 → Churchill 12:33
  • Churchill 12:48 → Heysel 13:41
  • Heysel 13:56 → Churchill 14:48
  • Vanderkindere / Churchill 15:03 → Heysel 15:56
  • Heysel 16:14 → Churchill 17:08
  • Vanderkindere 17:21 / Churchill 17:23 → Heysel 18:18
  • Heysel 18:30 → Churchill 19:22
  • Churchill 19:37 → Buyl 19:48

This project is possible thanks to STIB-MIVB, Bruxelles Mobilite, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie.


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