18 Oct 2022
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Mindblowers 2022: AMOR

Scientists and artists are the visionaries of society. To give their voice and heartbeat a stage, KVS and VUB created Mindblowers. Expect performances at the crossroads of arts, culture and reflection.

Amor Mundi: the belief that people are inseparable from each other and from nature, and need each other to become human.

What is humankind without love? Asking the question is answering it. No theme has filled more books, films and hearts than love. It seems indivisibly tied to the arts, where emotions, relationships and connection are often central tenets. But love is also the driving force in many sciences.

Is love overestimated? Is love really as close to hatred as is often claimed? When we say love, we often think of romantic love between partners, but we overlook the many other forms of love that exist. The love of parents for their children, between friends (framily, anyone?), love for an animal or for nature, …

Do we also feel love for the world, for our planet and for humanity? Amor mundi, a concept that originated in the mind of philosopher Hannah Arendt, broaches this question. How can we all treat our earth lovingly, love each other as fellow humans, even if we are supposedly part of different groups? How can we bring back more solidarity and compassion in our world, and ensure a better future for everyone?

All intriguing questions and an ideal breeding ground for pressing interventions!