17 Apr 2023
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Kelly: theatre and debate

Who the f*ck is David Kelly and why should you care? In Kelly, the young theatre creator and actor Tim Natens steps into the shoes of the much-maligned British weapons inspector David Kelly, who in 2003 dared to question the invasion in Iraq – and died under mysterious circumstances a few months later. All documents around his death are to be kept locked away until 2073.

Why would a young artist want to jump head-first into these murky waters of history? Why play the part of a man who collapsed under the weight of the war machine and give him a voice post-mortem? Why cover up the bitter seriousness of the situation with humour and imagination?

Is it an ode to Kelly?
Does he want to solve the riddle of his mysterious demise for once and for all?
Does he want to draw attention to this little corner of history, that still defines the future for many?
Or does he want to understand why people desperately hang on to American airplanes only to find their death after a few metres?

From zero to hero to… very zero.

Eighteen years after his death, David Kelly steps onto the stage. He looks back on his career, on the last eighteen months of his life, and on his decision to no longer be a pawn in someone else’s game. Kelly is a monologue about honour and integrity, and about a personal battle in the footlights of world history.


19h00: Kelly by Tim Natens (Theater Antigone)
19h45: Debate between/with Federica Mogherini (Rector of the College of Europe) and Delphine Pronk (Chair of Political and Security Committee, Deputy Political Director)
20h30: End

This performance of Kelly is made possible thanks to the support of weKONEKT.brussels and Prof. dr. Jonathan Holslag. This event is free for students of VUB, students of College of Europe and diplomats. Please note that registration is mandatory via the registration form.

For more information: kvs.be/en/agenda/928/Theater_Antigone_Tim_Natens/Kelly
Specific questions and contact: info@wekonekt.brussels.