“Most students stay on campus and only leave to commute home, so many Brussels students don't have a feeling with Brussels or don't even know the city”
Student during weKONEKT.week 2022

The week before spring break, the VUB, ULB and EhB university communities collectively go off campus. As committed higher education institutions, VUB, EhB and ULB connect students with the richness, complexity and beauty of Brussels. The weKONEKT.week fits within the positioning of the VUB and ULB as a research-driven educational institutions, where art and social engagement are also valorised. weKONEKT.brussels organises, facilitates and supports initiatives that strengthen our bond with the city.

Various partners in Brussels help shape the week in collaboration with academic staff, students and various sections of the three institutions. Activities are often done in collaboration with partners in Brussels, and come in various forms: guest lectures, workshops, excursions, guided tours, lectures, weKONEKT.tables,… Special attention is given to student organised-and led initiatives, as we believe student engagement is essential in this collective move to the city.

In addition to the many off campus activities, the hospitality of the three higher education institutions is put in the spotlight. The importance of Brussels on our campuses is given a prominent place in the program through various initiatives.

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Each year, we see the participation in our weKONEKT.week growing, with 40000 students participating, around 90 partners and 100 activities taking place.

Thematic relevance is also an important aspect during the week, and we see various themes coming to the forefront each year though activities:

Youth (entrepreneurship, engagement…)
Culture (art, media…)
Science (research, innovation…)
Education (off campus, online…)
Well-being (physical, mental…)
Europe (EUtopia, international…)