Every year, in the week before the spring break, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and Erasmus University College (EhB) communities go off-campus and venture out into the city. These weeks are designed to connect students with the richness, complexity and beauty of Brussels, and are an important part of their remits as research-driven educational institutions, in which art and social engagement are of great importance. weKONEKT.brussels organises, facilitates and supports these initiatives that strengthen bonds between higher education and the region.

Various partners in Brussels co-create the week, in collaboration with academic staff and students from the universities’ various departments. Activities are developed in collaboration with partners in Brussels, and take various forms: guest lectures, workshops, excursions, guided tours, weKONEKT. round tables and so on. Special attention is given to student-led initiatives, and student engagement lies at the heart of this collective enterprise.

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“Most students stay on campus and only leave to commute home, so many Brussels students don't have a feeling with Brussels or don't even know the city”
Student during weKONEKT.week 2022

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In addition to our more than 100 off-campus activities, we also focus on our role as hosts, engaging with people on-campus. Brussels’ role in relation to our universities is given prominence in the programme, through a variety of initiatives held throughout our campuses.