De Wereld Heeft Je Nodig

Studying at a university is about so much more than simply gaining knowledge – one’s student years are a unique opportunity to grow and explore. With De Wereld Heeft Je Nodig (The World Needs You), VUB aims to encourage its students to engage and act. It is a communications campaign, but also more than that – it is a means to reflect the strategy set out by the VUB to become a truly urban-engaged university.

Where does your purpose lie? This is a question we continually ask our students and community. Six areas of action, inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, form the basis of our campaign: People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity, Partnership, and Poincaré. Six areas in which you can dedicate yourself to a better world at the VUB. For each P, various projects and ateliers are available for students and staff to join.

The campaign provides a road map for the many initiatives organised by and at the VUB. Visit the website of De Wereld Heeft Je Nodig for a complete overview of the campaign and all its activities.