De Wereld Heeft Je Nodig

Studying at a university encompasses much more than the sole action op gaining knowledge. These years are a unique opportunity to grow and explore. With De Wereld Heeft Je Nodig (The World Needs You), VUB wants to encourage its community to engage and act. More than a communication campaign, the VUB wants to reflect the strategic lines set out at our university, positioning itself as a true Urban Engaged University.

Where does your purpose lie? This is the question we ask of our community. Five fields of action, inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, form the basis of our campaign: People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity, Partnership, and our very own Poincar├ę. Six domains in which you can dedicate yourself to a better world at the VUB. For each P, various projects and ateliers are available for students and staff to join.

The campaign provides a roadmap in the variety of initiatives organised by and at the VUB. Visit the website of De Wereld Heeft Je Nodig for a complete overview of the campaign and all of its activities.