The Wetenschapswinkel (Science Shop) is a cooperative project between the VUB, Universiteit Antwerpen and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. It supports non-profit organisations through scientific research carried out by students as part of a project or thesis. Students answer research questions in collaboration with the partner organisation, under the guidance of an experienced supervisor. The team behind the Science Shop connects student, organisation and supervisor and mediates between them.

The result is a win-win: non-profit organisations often have need of research without the resources or expertise to carry it out themselves. The Science Shop offers them practical, science-based insights, free of charge. Students often need ways to connect their studies to society, and the Science Shop gives them both greater knowledge of their particular field and also helps build their networks. For supervisors, it’s an excellent way to remain in touch with the needs of non-academic organisations in their particular fields of expertise.

Want to make a difference with your research? Browse through the various research topics explored by our partner organisations on our database. (The website is currently only in Dutch, but many of the organisations are open to collaborating with English-speaking students.) Perhaps you work with a non-profit organisation and have research questions you’d like to submit? Find out how on our website!